How do  i work!

Resume Process


Step 1

After our free consultation to decide if we are a good fit, I will have you email me all job search materials you have (including resume if you have one or complete a questionnaire if you don’t).

Step 2

For your targeted resume, I will create a rough draft of the formatting and provide comments on the resume to get you thinking about the stories we will discuss in our 1:1 session.

Step 3

We will have a 1:1 Zoom call (1-2 hours) to collaborate on your resume details. I may need to email you if I have additional questions.

Step 4

I will send you the official first draft within seven to ten working days.

Step 5

You have three days to review for accuracy. Please email me if you have any questions. 

Step 6

Once approved, I will send an ATS friendly in MS Word and PDF format and ASCII text version of your resume.

If you wish to have an additional customized resume to target a different industry or job, that revision may require a  1:1 meeting and/or the specific job ad and $100.